Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Power of Possibility

When we're teaching classes at the Temple, part of our instruction includes helping students remain patient in their practice, understanding that learning a move happens through time, not all in a single instant. We often suggest to students who say, "I can't do this!" that they might find it easier to learn the moves if they allow for the possibility of learning through the use of powerful language -- in this case, by adding the word "yet" to the sentence. I can't do this yet is a far more powerful approach. In class last night, Stephanie and Silvia reminded me of the word and its application.

I was also super inspired today to create a more dramatic painting because I acquired the blue and green face paint at Kryolan. When I was in the store, the beautiful woman behind the counter (whose name I don't recall at present) and I were talking about my makeup portfolio -- the one I started because Tamale (a really cool student of mine from Chicago who is a comedian and makeup artist) suggested I should. I thought it might be fun to have the words have pictures too.