Monday, July 31, 2006


My friend Mark wrote a book on intimacy called RelationDancing: Consciously Creating What You Really Want in Your Relating. The book includes a section about Mark's Game For Intimacy, which was an amazing gift for me when I first learned of it.

RelationDancing describes a method of relating that makes intimacy and connection between people possible at deeper levels than perhpas ever before. By designing a conscious and sacred Game For Intimacy, we can create a safe space in which to passionately share our deepest truths with our partner. We can know our partner and be known by them, opening the door wide open for two souls meeting in the space of love. This experience of Soul2Soul opens new possibilities for friendships, partnerships, and community. For a sample chapter on a Game For Intimacy, go here.

I love Mark's work and what he creates in the world and I recommend this book to anyone struggling to find a rational way to deal with emotional challenges in relating.