Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Is it really over?

When people saw decompress on my head, they mistakenly thought it was in relation to Burning Man, which I did not attend this year. Subsequently, they asked, "How can you be decompressing from an event you didn't even attend?" I thought that was funny. And, while I didn't go, up until a week before, I was planning to so I had much of the months of preparation and stress associated with that without any of the upside of the experience.

In this case, it was because I was finally done with all the major editing of the footage from the DVD. The rest, which took weeks, was final proofing and DVD production stuff. I was ready to decompress from a summer of putting my heart, soul, time and energy into creating the Temple of Poi 2006 Fire Dancing Expo DVD and I was grateful to get a respite from editing. No doubt about it -- iMovie is a great tool. That said, I'm sure, in retrospect, Final Cut Pro would have made the job much easier.