Saturday, August 19, 2006

Don't Make the Dew Angry

I love living in a city. Just a few blocks from my home -- which is in a residential neighborhood -- this sign resides on the side of the building where I get my nails done. It's a rotating billboard actually and I'm not quite sure why the girls took pictures of it, but it completely makes sense to me that they would take this picture of Courtney. She loves red and this bush framing her looks so awesome. It is definitely one of my favorite photos from the trip out here. That day I had a gig in the South Bay -- thank you Sean for being my fire safety -- during the day of all times. One of my students Stephanie arranged the gig and I got to spin fire at a luau during the day. The unfortunate part of spinning during the day is that you end up not being able to see the fire as well so it doesn't have nearly the impact. Unfortunately. When I got home, we sat around and answered questions from the Book of Questions for a while. And I was completely exhausted from my outing that day.