Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Love My Body Right Now!

The marketing for the class is so good, I'll quote from that.

Over the years I have seen some very beautiful people -- men and women alike -- judge their bodies harshly and from a place which often lacks self love. Having struggled on my own journey in this domain for the past 15 years, I realize it is not always easy to accept ones self. As a clinically obese woman, I am often surprised to find I love my body more than some woman who are a size 8. I was recently inspired when one of my closest friends -- a very hot woman -- confided in me how much she hated parts of her body. Saddened by this interaction and inspired to help people make a change, I designed this course based on my own journey and the coaching I was able to offer her (and many others through the years) to help her work with her body and begin to love it as it is. If you have ever said, "I hate my !" and never want to say that again, I invite you to join me for this class.