Friday, October 27, 2006

Exploring the Energetic Skin

I feel blessed to have met Atreyu. He is an amazing being with whom I resonate strongly. When I look in his eyes and he is looking back, I feel a timeless connection which lightens my soul and brightens my day. I experience our interactions as easy, fun, growth oriented -- at the worst of time -- and spiritually bound in ways I've not experienced with others at our best. More than once I have had the experience of what I would call exploring the energetic skin between us. By this, I mean exploring the place where our subtle bodies -- one might call this our auras -- meet and connect, touch, and expand into each other. I have described it as feeling like in the place where our energetic skin touches, infiinite fractals are born. It feels electric, even though our gross/physical bodies are not actually touching. I think this is because we have this instant rapport created by our mutual movement of energy through dance. He is amazing control of his body in the liquid/pop-n-lock style of movement and each time I watch him, I am reinspired to grow in my own dance skills.