Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hyperbowl and DDR

The word of the day may have been inspired today by yesterday's outing, but today we had our own crazy San Francisco fun. Off we went to hyperbowl where several students and friends (Michael, Nicole, Amanda, Ian, Jim, Frank and George) joined us. If you have never been hypberbowling, imagine a very big screen in front of you where you watch a bowling ball move down a sort of obstacle course. You get to stand there and control the ball on the screen with a bowling ball size track ball you move. My favorite course is one of San Francisco, where you weave in and out of trolley cars, over trolley tracks and up and down hills in a not so accurate representation of California street heading east toward the Bay. Done with the hyperbowling portion of the evening, we moved on to Dance Dance Revolution. I must say, I felt old. Compare if you will the grace and ease with which these two younger folk (as it turns out, Aaron is closer in age to Lexi than I am to him) to my stressed out image above.