Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 2: Burning Butt, Aching Gut

When Sioux and I did the Master Cleanse 4 years ago, we made a huge pot of the stuff and we'd have afternoon tea. In the book we read, they suggested getting peppermint tea to use as a laxative to help facilitate additional elimination and to take it each afternoon. I had found that for me, that was not a particularly effective choice and during my first cleanse, I hadn't had nearly the quantity of bowel movements I thought one should expect for such a deep cleanse. I was happy to read about a different alternative this time, which is tea with senna leaf in it. I rather enjoyed the taste of it and was glad to discover in no way did it seem a chore to drink the tea. As a matter of fact, on day one, I had 2 cups of it.

Now one of the things they warn you about is that when you're eliminating, you'll experience any number of possible things which is a clear indication that the cleanse is in fact working. One of these things, while rare, does happen, This would be having burning bowel movements. After about the 6th shit in maybe 2 hours of this nature (I probably totaled 12 in the first 3.5 to 4 hours of the day), I was sure the cleanse was working. That, of course, and the extreme cramps and aches in my gut. It was wonderful to sit with the sensations and during my meditations on day two I got to some deep places of release and cried more than once what Mark would undoubtedly call healing tears.

And, I didn't take any tea that night because I was not ready for a repeat on day 3.