Saturday, June 24, 2006


Amy and Micah are two amazing people. I first met Micah in 2000 in some capacity related to our fabulous IllumiNaughty camp (a Large Scale Sound System whose street address at Burning Man was Sex at 10 o'clock. . . hmmm...). My experience of Micah over the years is that he is a brilliant mind with the potential to truly change the face of our planet in the political realm in ways that could powerfully impact the lives of many people in a positive way. I like knowing someone I perceive in that way whose mind and ideas I value. Needless to say, I respect and like Micah.

Amy of course is no different -- certainly she is a brilliant being in her own right. Her voice could warm the spirit on the coldest day in the deepest part of the Tundra and her ability to feel and love could brighten the spirits of the most cynical and jaded person alive. She is as beautiful and enrapturing as her now husband, Micah.

To my great joy, I have been credited with introducing these two powerful beings. Micah was caring for my Poof chair and then decided to move to North Carolina. Amy then was to take over the poof-sitting responsibilities. They met and not to long later I got calls from both of them asking about the other.

What a joy it is to have seen their wedding... but more on that in the next posts...