Friday, August 25, 2006

This One is For you Stephanie (and Jet)

I finally managed to get down to Redwood City to visit with Stephanie and Jet, her and Gadget's(not so) newborn son. I think it took us six months before I actually saw him. Unfortunately for me, it was not until I arrived and she told me I had put the "J" on my head backward -- I had not taken a picture before I left -- that I realized my headline didn't really make sense. Really, I need an automated spell checker.

I was grateful to have just had such a long visit with my nieces. It really prepared me for being in the dynamic of adult and child relating. It was actually interesting how different hanging out with a newborn compared to teens is. I was pretty floored by it, actually. It was interesting how, when I held him and cradled him in my arms, he reached for my breast -- I can only assume he thought I had milk too.

I had a really great time crawling around with him on the floor and an even more fabulous time reconnecting with Stephanie. We had one of the best, deepest, most authentic and intimate conversations we've had in years and I was incredibly moved by the experience. She sent me these photos which arrived the day before my 10 day silent retreat in an effort to inspire me to update my blog. Well, it worked girlfriend -- here I am updating my blog on the 10th day of silence and the last day of my master cleanse filling in all the back entries from August until now (November 25). This one is for you!