Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Children's Party

Hunter (isn't he hot? that picture is amazing!), Atreyu (who wore a mask which scared the children -- but it was Halloween! aren't masks okay?) and I were off to do a gig for a 6 year old. I acquired this gig through a beautiful woman I met on the N line some months ago to whom I gave my card. She saved it, called me out of the blue, and hired us to perform. Butterflies are of course fabulous for children's parties, so I went with that. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture before the gig, so the picture here is what is left over after getting home. And lucky us, we got some fire photos out of it too. The really bright one in the middle is us doing this move that everyone loves where I do hip reels with my poi around us both while Hunter does some sort of figure 8 up high so we don't get tangled. Of all the moves we created, that one was the most random -- we just did it in practice one afternoon. Oddly enough, easy as it was for us to create, crowd consistently love it. What a fun thing to be a fire dancer. I love my life.