Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Life and Death

I saw a friend in the hospital yesterday who went to the emergency room around noon and was in ICU for a good portion of the afternoon.

It brought up some things for me about life and death.

I have noticed that I'm most comfortable with my own death -- witnessing the loss of another... Egads, that just is much rougher for me. I have come the point in my life and literally had moments walking down the street or in my home thinking, "I would be completely at peace if I died." At least at peace in terms of who I am, what I have done and what I have created and how I have impacted the planet.

When I'm not at peace with my own death, I notice what I fear most is leaving this planet without having left people knowing how much they have changed my life and world. We're all connected and I think about what that connection does for me/you/us and I felt compelled to say this here:

Thanks for all the ways in which you have shown up in my life and in this world. I have become a better, wiser, stronger, more centered being because of the conversations with you over the years and being reflected by you as we all evolve.

I thank you for your sharing too. To witness you (to whatever degree you allow) in your process also fosters my faith in Tribes, community and supporting each other in this life and has me ease into the idea of my own death with much more grace.

Sending you all the healthiest blessings and wishing this moment is better than the last and each moment moving forward holds the same fate.