Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Energy Drinks: Large quantities for Low cost

$5.50 per case SmartPower Smart Energy Drinks - by the pallet

We are the manufacturers of SmartPower Smart Energy Drink - The best FEELING energy drink on the planet. SmartPower has special ingredients that change the way your brain processes caffeine, enhancing the positive effects (Energy, Good Feelings, Clarity) while virtually eliminating the negative ones (The Jitters and the Crash. Smart Power Drinks for videos that explain how it works.

We have decided to liquidate our stock of SmartPower and Nuclear Waste Antidote Smart Energy Drinks. Normally, a can of SmartPower sells for $2.49 in store, or $50 for a case of 24 16oz SmartPower Smart Energy Drinks with free shipping. Now, we want to move pallets, not cases. So, we are selling it at 90% off our normal retail. Buy more pallets to save more! :-)

The deal is as follows. Bring a one ton truck that can handle a pallet of 70 cases (24 16oz cans per case, 40"x48"x48") to our storage in Castro Valley in the East Bay (near Hayward/San Leandro).

pallets_________ 1 ________________ 2 ________________ 4 _________________ 8

cases_________ 70 _______________ 140 ______________ 280 _______________ 560

per case______ $5.50 ____________ $4.17 ____________ $3.50 ______________ $2.85

16oz cans_____ 1,680 ____________ 3,360 ____________ 6,720 ______________ 13,440

per can_______ $0.23 ____________ $0.17 ____________ $0.15 ______________ $0.13


drink price_____ $385 _____________ $584 ____________ $983 ______________ $1596

tax___________ $32 ______________ $48 _____________ $81 _______________ $132

CRV________ _ $84 _____________ $168 _____________ $336 ______________ $672


Total Price_____ $500 ____________ $800 _____________ $1400 ______________ $2400

savings________ 89% _____________ 92% ______________ 93% _______________ 94%

The official expiration date of these drinks is June 2009, but we expect them to be excellent tasting and safe through till mid 2010.

SEE-Inc. A Beautiful Future Now!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Temple of Poi Student Profile: Jeff Starr

This is the first in a series of student video profile pieces I've been working on about some of my boot camp students. Enjoy this piece on Jeff Starr...

Thursday, November 06, 2008


what a privilege, honor, pleasure to share the gift of playing this extraordinary game designed to create deeper, more authentic relating. last night when i connected with Decker, Mark and Bryan it was a beautiful thing to feel myself pulled back into the Truth of the game -- knowing the safety of the space, the commitment to Truth, the depth of love. Being seen. Seeing. Loving. I'm honored to have shared this game with you all these years my sweet friends.

and to those who have yet to play, it starts with two basic ideas: tell the truth; hear the truth. i still believe a deep, life affirming commitment to these two precepts will save us all.

the game is based on Mark's work in RelationDancing. I highly recommend the book, but only if you want to have more fulfilling, rewarding and deeply intimate relations with others...

when we played hardcore years ago it was 6 rules: i will do what i want to do and i will not ask permission; i will not do what i do not want to do and i will not ask forgiveness; i will be culpable for my actions and will make amends for my transgressions (if i do things i say i won't or don't do things i say i will); there is no hiding my truth -- especially in those places when i want to withhold myself, i will open and share the truth because that's what creates intimacy; i will presuppose positive relating -- meaning i will assume your intention is positive toward me (if we have an explicit game); and finally, no shaming (subtle or otherwise) people for being who they are and where they are.