Saturday, June 03, 2006

Can you ever have too much clarity?

Despite the fact that the earring for the new hole was smaller than the spiral I used on the two main holes, it took Lacy and I nearly a half hour to work the earring into the hole last night. The ear is a little sensitive -- but I'm trying really hard to just "notice the sensation" rather than get caught up in the pain. I haven't decided which look I like more.

But that's not really what today's word is all about. The idea of clarity about one's self has come up in conversation a bit lately, most notably with Lacy, Sean V. and Prisna. The conversations have focused on the idea of how people often interpret clarity in communication as a bluntness which potentially becomes offensive and/or abrasive and/or harsh. It is amazing to me how my clarity often offends other people.

It is similar to the situation when I got fired from Marimba. I was clear what was going on and sent an email to all of the senior and middle management team articulating (what I now know to be) the political dynamics and I called my boss incompetent for the job he was currently in. The thing is, I'd heard almost all of them say it themselves. My truth telling somehow became "wrong" and was grounds for me being fired. They called it insubordination. The judge ruling on my unemployment insurance called it naivete. Somehow, telling the truth bluntly just doesn't seem to be okay. . .

The Chronicles of GlitterGirl

I have to put a big thank you out there to Eric from the Life As Art community who, some time ago, suggested I do a GlitterGirl comic book. You might have noticed that the pictures i've been posting have a distinctly comic book feel. If you're interested in the first volume of the Chronicles of GlitterGirl, email me and I'll send it to you.


Some IllumiNaughty friends of mine are putting together The Havilah Garden which is a project that inspired me deeply. The garden will include a walk of fear leading to enclosed garden of hope and a tree of emergence and will include lush plant life on the playa. In an environment filled with dust and lacking in lushness, I'm truly inspired to experience something alive and I imagine this will be an amazing gift for so many on the playa.

It felt great to see this old family of mine after spending so much time building the Temple for so long. These are people who have witnessed my evolution from corporate entrenched systems engineer to running the Temple full time. Many of them questioned the shift and possibility of it being a viable financial alternative to a life behind a computer desk. I'm glad to say my hopes overcame my fears and I have Bloomed into a new me -- one I imagine this project will reflect at Burning Man in 2006. I'm happy to give my support to these friends and this project.