Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Leather & Lacy

Lacy is one of my best friends, a dance partner, my amazing assistant and a being who blesses me with the pleasure of a friendship that keeps on giving. She is tolerant, loving, open and, as with myself, in constant evolution.

One of the aspects of our journey we have been discussing a lot lately is our own process around expressing femininity. For a long time, we have both wanted to be tough women -- the kind of woman who can take care of herself and doesn't actually need anyone as previous generations of women might have been culturally trained to think they require. For both of us, it expressed itself in a certain tomboyish-ness. Fortuitously enough, our evolution coincides. In the last few weeks, we have spoken much about moving from the expression of our toughness through tomboyishness -- represented by leather -- and learning to allow the more feminine into our lives both figuratively and literally through the fabric of lace (which also happens to be Lacy's nickname).