Monday, August 25, 2008

Cosmic Lovers Get Handfasted 45 second video

Friends, Family, Fans and :

As you probably know, my love Atreyu and I got handfasted (a 1 year and a
day commitment) on Beltane (May 1, 2008). The ceremony was attended by the
four witnesses and us, so only 6 were present. At it, we read stuff, signed
stuff, agreed to stuff, laughed, cried, got tied up, took pictures and then
everyone left.

For those who are curious, follow the attached link to a 45 second video of
still shots one of the witnesses (Mark) took with my iPhone (except the last
3 which we took while we were tied up. Ha, that was fun and challenging!).
It is reminiscent of a Charlie Chaplin movie... Because it's just photos
slipping by.